We'd love to make your treats for your very special celebration!

The number one question we receive is why are custom cakes, cookies, and other treats so expensive? We are happy you have asked this question! Let’s be honest, if you just wanted a basic cake or sugar cookie you could get it from a random less costly store. We take all the details & design elements that you LOVE and create a one-of-a-kind treat especially for you! Each cake, cookie, cupcake, and treat we make is made fresh to order and handcrafted to tell a story and be the highlight of your celebration (no one wants selfies with the party invitations right? :)) Even if it's to give your boss beautiful thank you cookies, your cookies will be custom made.  We not only make beautiful desserts but we also use high-quality ingredients such as Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste, cocoa powder, flour, and eggs. Please keep in mind the following is all factored into your price: the time it takes to order ingredients for your flavors, mix, bake, fill, frost, and decorate them. 

Now let's talk pricing. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

The minimum order is $200.

Cakes Pricing

All cakes are made to order. Please keep in mind additional fresh/gum paste flowers, macarons, sprinkles, gold leaf, drip, fillings, buttercream flowers and details, cake toppers, fondant cake toppers, and fondant details will increase the price. Each cake is boxed in a bakery box.

  • Regular 6-inch cake 10-12 servings $85: 

    • 3 layers, 1 cake flavor, 1 buttercream flavor. 

    • 6" Diameter and 5" Height. 

  • Tall 6-inch cake 12-18 servings $95 :

    • 4 layers of cake, 1 cake flavor, 1 buttercream flavor.

    • 6" Diameter and 6.5-7" Height.  

  • Regular 8-inch cake $120:

    • 3 layers, 1 cake flavor, 1 buttercream flavor. 

    • 8" Diameter and 5" Height.  

  • Tall 8-inch cake $150:

    • 4 layers, 1 cake flavor, 1 buttercream flavor.

    • 6" Diameter and 6.5-7"  

  • Regular Two-tiered cake ​6" and 8" cake $300

    • 3 layers for each tier, 1 buttercream flavor

  • Tall Two-tiered cake 6" and 8" cake $400

    • 4 layers for each tier, 2 buttercream flavors.

Sugar Cookies Pricing

All cookies are made to order. Please keep in mind additional colors, cookie cutter shapes, airbrushing, detailed piping, flowers, and writing will increase the price. Each cookie is individually bagged* and heat sealed for freshness and bulk boxed in a bakery box.

*for minis, multiple cookies will be bulked packed-unless individually requested.

  • Basic design (minimum order 2 dozen)- $65/dozen (3-4 inch cookie, 2-3 colors, basic non-elaborate, 1-2 shape, minimal piping)

  • Detailed (minimum order 2 dozen)- $75/dozen (3-4 inch, 3-4 cookie shapes/designs, 3-4 colors, some airbrushing, basic, piping, writing and florals)**

  • Deluxe- (minimum order 2 dozen)- $85/dozen (3-4 inch cookies, 5-6 cookie shapes/designs, 4-6 colors, airbrushing, custom writing, detailed icing, and florals)**

  • Character & Custom Logos- (minimum order 2 dozen)- Please send me an email for a quote (Average pricing starts $100/dozen)

  • Basic design Minis (minimum order 3 dozen)- $27/dozen 


$30/dozen (2 dozen minimum, 1 flavor)


$40/dozen (2 dozen minimum, classic flavors)

(custom flavors please contact me for pricing)

All other treats contact me for pricing

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