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Heart Macaron Template

First off...thanks to each of one of you for the comments/DMs on my recent Instagram video post. Secondly, apologies on the delay, we can blame a decorated sugar cookie order and my one year old who decided to not take his afternoon nap LOL. Anyways, I received so many messages requesting my heart macaron template (you guys are amazing!) that I decided to just create a blog post with a PDF download. Lastly, WOW my first blog post :) I have been itching to start blogging but I'm not much of a writer so bear with me. I see this as an opportunity to connect with you guys outside of Instagram. I love helping people and being a resource to anyone who has questions. But keep in mind, I wear many sombreros (WIFE, MOMMY, MOM, BAKER, COOK, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, ANSWERING EMAILS, RECIPE DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL MEDIA, etc) which may lead to some delayed responses. But we will continue this story in another blog post.

Going back to the heart macaron template, i printed 2 copies but i trimmed off one of the copies to fit my Nordic Ware (half sheet pan)- see picture below for reference

I placed my templates under silicone liners. You can use this liner or this one. You don't want to bake/burn your paper template so make sure to remove before baking.

Happy baking!



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